PowerSchool FAQ

How can I check and pay fees and lunch balances?

Checking & Paying Fees and Lunch Balance:

Summary: Revtrak, Minooka 201’s credit card processor, can talk directly to PowerSchool. This way when you make a deposit on your child’s lunch balance, the balance will update their account automatically instead of having to wait 24-48 hours. You need a working PowerSchool parent account for Minooka 201 to pay online.


  1. Log into Unified Classroom: https://classroom.powerschool.com
  2. On the left, click on Quick Links
    Quick Links
  3. Click on Current Grades & Attendance
    Current Grades
  4. On the left, click on Balances. (You will likely have to scroll)
    This will show your lunch transactions, current lunch balance and registration fees owed.
  5. Click on Make a Payment, which will take you to Revtrak to complete the transaction. If you’re prompted, you can use your existing RevTrak username and password (or create a new one).
    Make a Payment
  6. Once the page loads, add fees to your cart and complete the transaction. You can make partial payments on registration fees.
  7. Refresh your browser in PowerSchool and the new funds will show up on your child’s page in PowerSchool.

Who can I contact if I'm having trouble?

You can contact our tech team by emailing pshelp@min201.org with a short description of what you are experiencing!

How do I see my child's report card?

Here are the steps to view your child's report card online: 

1. Log into https://classroom.powerschool.com

2. Click on 'Quick Links' on the left

3. Click on 'Portal Login Page'

4. Click on 'Report Cards' on the left

If you cannot log into Powerschool, please send an email to pshelp@min201.org with your name and child's name and someone will assist you.