Access Go Math

If your child has forgotten their login and you need to review the Go Math materials you can follow these steps to log in with a generic account.

  1. Click to open the ThinkCentral Login page or you can go to the student homepage, click aux sable and it will fill in the information for you.
  2. Make sure the information is filled in as shown in the picture below.
    Go Math
  3. The Go Math materials for all schools are the same so it doesn’t matter if your child attends Minooka Elementary School, Jones Elementary School or Walnut Trails Elementary School. Our generic accounts, are assigned to Aux Sable Elementary, so please make sure it is selected like shown in the picture above. Type in the username and password from the table below that matches your child’s grade level and log in.
Grade Username Password
Kindergarten auxki math1
1st Grade aux1st math1
2nd Grade aux2nd math1
3rd Grade aux3rd math1
4th Grade aux4th math1